Infinite Machinery PCB Map

Update - 11/02/21

The PCB Map has been updated to include all PCBs for the Erica Synths DIY VCO. Check it out!

Update - 07/04/2021

The PCB Map now includes maps for the Erica Synths Swamp PCBs. More Erica Synth modules to be added in the future.


The Erica Synths Bassline DIY module is a rather complicated beast, with the main PCB weighing in at around 200 components. This results in a rather dense layout. Even with the PDF showing component placement that is supplied with the DIY files, it can be challenge to find the location for individual components. 

To assist in building the Bassline module, Infinite Machinery has developed the PCB Map, an interactive guide for mapping components and for assisting in populating the PCB. This app is available to anyone building this module, not just customers of Infinite Machinery.

Infinite Machinery offers the Bassline PCB and Panel Kit as well as the Bassline Bundle. The Bassline Bundle has the PCB and panel as well as two 140YD1201С opamps used by this module, all at a discount price.

The PCB Map works by showing a BOM in a left side navigation panel for the PCBs that make up the Bassline. In the right hand side is a high resolution picture of the PCB being worked on. Selecting a component in the navagiation panel will locate the part on the PCB image by drawing a rectangle around the part's position. The image of the PCB can be zoomed in and out as well as panned using a mouse or touch.

Map component position

After a component has been installed on the PCB then the checkbox for the component can be checked to indicate that the part has been installed. The installed state of the component is persisted across browser sessions and is restored the next time the app is opened.

Check installed component


Another nice feature of the PCB Map is the ability to filter components using any of the columns. For example filter all the 0.1uf capacitors.

Filtering components


After defining a filter, click the Map All button in the header of the component grid and all the filtered components will be mapped at once. This can be very handy when installing multiple components of the same value.

Mapping multiple components

The Infinite Machinery PCB Map runs cross platform on Chrome, Safari, Edge and FireFox.