Erica Synths DIY – Delay PCBs and Panel Set

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Erica Synths DIY Delay is a hi-fi delay module with unique functionality typically found on advanced factory produced units. 

• Tape Delay and Digital Delay algorithms
• Up to 800ms delay time
• Syncable (clock and tap) delay time
• Delay time divisions and multiplications
• Freeze, Add and Reverse
• Manually and CV controlled delay time, feedback and dry/wet mix

• Max Delay time 800ms
• Sampling frequency 48khz 24bit
• Audio output amplitude 10Vptp
• CV amplitude (full span) 5V --+5V
• Panel width 14HP
• Module depth 45mm
• Power consumption 97mA @+12V, 33mA@ 12V

Note: The MCU board for this module can be purchased here from Infinite Machinery.

MCU Board

BOM and assembly instructions

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