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Ok,  I finished the build.  90% SMD components. I setup my soldering station for SMD work. 

I've done several SMD projects. The biggest problem I've had has got to be getting the blasted components out of their tape carriers. The tiny chip resistors and capacitors have such a low mass that the slightest motion can fling the suckers across the table or on to the floor.

This project was no different. I wound up loosing 2 components:

1 resistor and 1 diode. I had spares in my part's bin so no worries.

Tested the completed board for power supply shorts then plugged the board in.  The board brought all 3 power busses to their knees. Dead short +5, +12, -12 supplies. After troubleshooting the board and finding no problems I started looking elsewhere. Found the problem to be the factory supplied ribbon power cable. (I made my own replacement).

Installed the circuit to my rig. ADSR works fine. At the top end of the range of adjustment on sustain and release I noticed that the overall envelope level dropped a bit. Not really a problem though.

Thoughts on the project.

1) Front panel looked good. Made fron PCB material not metal.

2) Component quality good. Except for the eurorack power supply ribbon cable.

3) Played with the board for awhile and was able to get great sounds with it. Looks like the ALFA chip design they came up with works fine and at $55.00 by far the least expensive option for a decent Envelope Generator.

4) Build docs nicely done. And with a super fine conical soldering tip very easy to build.
Jeffrey | 12/12/2021 9:51 AM
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Well done!
Fred | 6/23/2020 12:49 PM
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